Buy Scrip and support St. Martins!!

What is Scrip?

Scrip at St. Martin’s is gift cards that you purchase at face value to use when you shop or to give as gifts. There is NO additional cost to you. For example, if you purchase a $25 Barnes and Noble card from the scrip program, you can spend $25 at Barnes and Noble. Use scrip gift cards for your monthly groceries, gas cards, Starbucks, restaurants and/or gifts for family, friends, etc. Disneyland annual pass holders, the Disney gift cards can be used at the theme parks and towards pass renewals

Why should I buy gift cards through the scrip program?

  • It costs you nothing above the cost of the gift card.
  • St. Martin’s receives money for every gift card purchased through the scrip program. Take the example from above, if you buy a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card from the scrip program, St. Martin’s receives 9% ** of your purchase or $2.25!
  • Scrip will also earn your child a Free Dress Coupon. Turn in your scrip order form and your child will receive a free dress coupon!

When will I receive my scrip order?

  • Scrip is ordered each month, typically on the 1st Monday of the month.
  • You will receive your gift cards approximately 5 business days after the order is placed.

What gift cards can I purchase through the scrip program?

Download the current order form which has a selected list of the most popular retailers currently participating in the scrip program:

** 9% is the rate paid for B&N cards as of December 2015 and is subject to change.