Our thanks to St. Martin’s families, friends, and parishioners for their generous donations! Many thanks to our students, families, and Room Parents who donated to class baskets.

Cash, Teacher Tickets, and Underwriting

Gillan Abercrombie
Pam and John Aitchison
Reuben Arthur
Debby and Walt Bando
Ellen Bobertz
Leslie and Sean Boldt
Galinda Braga
Scott Buckley
Richard Burden
Candice Burroughs
Wendy Byrnes
Jackie and Greg Callas
Karen and Darrin Conquer
Mercedes and James Duque
Laura and Harry Ernst
Debby and Gabri Ferrer
Marilyn and Ed. Follick
Karen and Jermaine Foster
Claire and Chad Holley
Julie and John laNeave
Arthur Langton
Kathrine Larson
Nicola Lubitsch
Karin Marlisa
Constance Miller
Karen and Anthony Pham
Rich Poppenberg
Donna and Doug Quick
Janice and Stan Smith
Judy and Dennis Snyder
John Siebert Thorne
Paul Tifford
Kate Varley
Barbara Walker
Deborah and Gary Waynesmith

Silent Auction and Other Donations

Gillan Abercrombie
Kym Allen
Debby and Walt Bando
Ellen and Stephen Bobertz
Galinda Braga
Candice and Royce Burroughs
Wendy Byrnes
Sheri and Robert Crockett
Tamara and Dan Ehrlich
Fr. Gabri Ferrer
Karen and Jermaine Foster
Marcia Furey
Ian Grant
Sandi Heidt
Laura and Nick Hernandez
Virginia Hessamian
Connie Horak
David Kcenich
Sandra Kramer
Nicola Lubitsch
Elaine and Paul Martinkovic
Victoria Mastantuono
Diane McBain
Camilo Montealegre
Christopher Montella
Ernie Napper
Vicki Ortega
Sue Pacheco
Mikki Pettit
Naomi Rodriguez
Fran Schwartz
Vicky Sedgwick
Margaret Slusser
Catherine Wright
1st Grade class
8th Grade class

Thanks to the Business Community for their generous donations

Academy of Country Music
Autry Museum
Brents Deli
Crockett Architects
Farmers Market
Fringe Salon
Green Thumb
Heritage Bindery
Ice House
In-n-Out Burger
Jump Around
Katsuya Restaurant
KSL Resorts
Kym’s Functional Fitness
LA Dodgers
LA Hardwood Floors
Laugh Factory
Museum of Making Music
Paradise Pets
Paramount Pictures
PF Chang
Pretty Vintage Tables
Rising Lotus Yoga
Santa Anita Park
Sky High
Trader Joe’s
Triomphe Design
Underwood Family Farm
Weiler’s Restaurant
Western Bagel

Thanks to our staff for their help and donations

Mr. Buckley
Mrs. Byrnes
Mrs. Dunlap
Mrs. Emslie
Father Gabri
Mrs. Garzuzi
Mrs. Griner
Mrs. Haller
Mrs. Hessamian
Mrs. Jackson
Mrs. Jaeger
Chaplain Kitch
Mrs. Marlisa
Mrs. Moutinho
Ms. Nishibayashi
Mrs. Pacheco
Mrs. Rapka
Ms. S. Russell
Ms. T. Russell
Mrs. Sedgwick
Mr. Thomas
Coach Austin
Mrs. Wright