Middle School

St. Martin’s Middle School is a departmentalized program with an emphasis on language arts, math, science, and social studies.  Elective subjects may include music, sports, computers, library and study skills, foreign language, and art. We make our Middle School students feel even more special by offering a different choice of uniform, separate lunch and nutrition breaks, a Student Council, and special social opportunities.

St. Martin’s Middle School offers a traditional academic program, providing students a foundation in mathematics, language arts, science, and social studies.

Students also work with enrichment teachers each week in art, library, technology, physical education, foreign language, and music and drama. In addition to these classes, students also participate in our Chapel and character education programs.

Art: Our art program allows the students to participate in a variety of creative projects using many different mediums. We encourage a love and appreciation of art in all the children.

Chapel & Character Education: Our Chapel and Character Education programs help students to discover the presence of God in their lives. Middle School students attend Chapel once a week and participate in religion classes. Community Service opportunities are offered during the year to help our students learn the value of compassion and caring and contributing to their communities.

Library: Our library is well maintained and our students use the library as a source of information for the various reports and projects they complete throughout the year. Students also learn research and study skills and are introduced to works of literature.

Music, Drama & Performing Arts: Our music, drama, and performing arts programs are introduced to all students as a means of communication of ideas, feelings and creativity. Students participate as audience members when we invite performers to the school, and as performers in our Christmas Program and/or our Annual Talent Show.

Physical Education: Physical education is an integral part of our program that helps build spirit and encourage unity. It also promotes wellness and seeks to encourage a lifetime appreciation of physical fitness. Middle School students are given the opportunity to participate in after school competitive sports, in conjunction with the Valley Christian Athletic League. There are no try-outs for teams and all who wish to participate are welcome. Sportsmanship is valued as much as winning and while we may be a small school we are competitive in the league and have one many league championships.

Spanish: Middle School students attend Spanish classes twice per week learning vocabulary basics, grammar skills, and cultural awareness. Our Spanish classes give St. Martin’s students a head start on high school Spanish if that is the language they take in high school.

Technology: Middle School students attend class in the computer lab twice a week. The Middle School technology curriculum emphasizes safe and responsible use of technology. It includes training in the use of a variety of computer applications so that students feel comfortable using technology to complete school assignments. Students also learn more advanced web research skills and computer science concepts.

Our Middle School students are also provided with opportunities for student leadership with our Student Council. Social opportunities are also offered through games nights and dances.