Why St. Martin’s?

Class sizes are intentionally kept at a small teacher to student ratio. This allows our teachers to get to know our students, not just as a grade on a report card, but as valuable members of the St. Martin’s community. This knowlege of each student lets us help students to grow and develop academically, socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Studies have shown that students in PS-8 and K-8 schools have improved self esteem and do better in school and on standardized tests. Peer influence is at it’s peak in the middle school years, both for positive and negative. As a PS-8 school, St. Martin’s provides an atmosphere that values high achievement and pride in academics.

Students at St. Martin’s are allowed to grow up at an appropriate pace. Being in a PS-8 school provides our younger students with role models to look up to in our Middle School students. It allows our Middle School students to remain children without the pressure to grow up too fast that can be found in traditional middle schools. Our Middle School students are given leadership opportunities with Student Council and the chance to be leaders in our after school sports program.

St. Martin’s students are well prepared to transition to High School, both academically and socially. They take with them the values taught at St. Martin’s which helps them to be successful in high school and beyond.

Life-long friendships are made at St. Martin’s. Whether our students end up attending the same high schools in 9th grade or end up going to many different high schools, they remain in touch with their classmates from St. Martin’s and often return to share their fond memories of their time spent here.

The best reasons to attend St. Martin’s come from our students. We recently asked them what the best thing about St. Martin’s is and here are their answers: