We LOVE St. Martin’s!

We <3 St Martins

The average cost for public education for one student in the U.S. is $10,615 a year. St. Martin’s keeps costs low, giving everyone the opportunity to attend our wonderful school. Because of that, we look to our exceptional families to help make up the difference, so that we can provide a quality education.

This year we are striving for 100% participation, urging each family to give generously. Any donation, large or small, will definitely make a difference and help to keep St. Martin’s thriving. Your donation is not for extras, it is part of the overall operating budget. All donations are Tax Deductible. Please make your donation to the school by cash, check or credit card. Thank you for your generous gifts that have already been given!

In addition to making your own donation, please reach out to friends and family members for their donations. You can also contact your employer or many other businesses, who will often match donations made by employees or contribute for a tax write off.

In recognition of your generous donation, we will be painting hearts on the handball courts and writing your child’s name on them as a part of the We LOVE St. Martin’s Campaign theme.

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