Top Ten Reasons to Come to Open House

Come join us on Thursday, March 14th from 6-7:30pm for our Annual Open House. Not sure if you want to come? Here are the Top Ten Reasons why you should definitely be there!

10 Enjoy the delicious refreshments!
9 Listen to some Country, Western music and get in the mood for our upcoming Gala!
8 Buy your Gala tickets for $10 off the regular price AND be entered into our drawing for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate good for your Silent Auction purchases at the Gala!
7 Slither over to Preschool for a slice of their delicious Snake Cake!
6 Bring some friends looking for a school and introduce them to St. Martin’s!
5 Get your school spirit boosted by St. Martin’s Cheerleaders at 6:30pm and 7pm.
4 Visit your child’s next year’s class to see what they’ll be doing next year.
3 Visit with other parents you may not have seen in awhile.
2 Say hello to all our wonderful teachers!
1 See what all of the amazing students at St. Martin’s have been doing this year!

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