October 21, 2011 News

Our sincere thanks to everyone who supported our Fall Fundraiser. Sales and donations are up from last year! We will be holding the Bingo Party/Money Machine on Wednesday, October 26th, during lunch and we will arrange the Burger King lunches for the following week. Please check the results when they are sent out on Monday to ensure your child is in the correct categories. It is possible we have not been advised of some Internet orders, so please let us know before Wednesday, October 26th, if you believe your child has been omitted from the appropriate prize level. Proceeds from this fundraiser go towards field trips and other PFA sponsored activities.

Bishop Mary Glasspool and Serena Beeks, Director of the Diocesan Commission on Schools visited St. Martin’s last week. We were honored to have them here and they were extremely impressed with both the school and the students. The children were incredibly polite and well behaved – they made us very proud indeed!

The children are looking forward to Halloween! Our parade starts at 2pm on Monday, October 31st, and class parties follow at 2:15pm. Please remember – no blood, gore, masks or weapons, so that our younger students do not get frightened.

Coming up is our St. Martin’s Day celebration on Sunday, November 6 at 10am. Please return the form so that we can plan accordingly.  The children have been practicing enthusiastically so please bring them along so that they can join their friends.

Our Scholastic Book Fair will take place November 7th-10th with a special family event on November 6 following the St. Martin’s Day service. This year the theme is “To the Book Fair and Beyond – Reading is Out of this World!”. If you would like to help with the Book Fair please complete and return the sign up form by Friday, October 27th.

Please plan to attend our Veterans’ Day Chapel on Wednesday, November 9th, at 8:30am and invite any Veterans that you know to join us. Ernie Napper, 22 year Marine Corps. (retired) will be our guest speaker in chapel and all Veterans present will be honored at the Flag Retreat ceremony following the service.

Our Middle School has elected their Student Council. We thank them for taking on these duties and wish them a successful year.

We have exciting news coming up about our Computer Lab……stay tuned! In the meantime, if you have any flat screen monitors that you no longer need, please donate them to the school.

Our volunteers, as always, are doing an awesome job and are brightening up our days by being on campus. If you have not returned the Volunteer Opportunities form, please take a moment to complete it online. Special thanks to those of you who volunteered to be Room Parents! Please give your child’s Room Parent support when he/she asks for it.

Our after school sports program is going well and our young athletes are training hard and representing our school outstandingly. Our thanks to Coach Amy and Coach Pollock for all their efforts and also thanks to the parents who are driving and cheering our teams on at their games. Please remember to turn in photos that you take at the games for the yearbook. Special thanks to Evan Jackson for donating our after school sports uniforms this year!  Go Bulldogs!!!

Snack Shop is back!!! This will take place on Wednesdays and home game days. Our thanks to Coach Amy and the 8th Grade class for running it. Proceeds will fund 8th Grade graduation activities.

Sadly our school cannot survive on tuition income alone and we are dependent on your support of our fundraisers as far as your financial situation will allow. We try wherever possible to hold fundraisers that are requested by you (such as cookie dough) or are items you are likely to purchase anyway, but by purchasing them through the school you allow us to benefit. This is the case with our upcoming Fundertainment fundraiser, whereby you can purchase DVDs on line that you would normally buy in stores, however almost half of what you pay is returned to the school. Further details will follow next week, however please remember this fundraiser when shopping for the holidays as it has the potential to be a big money maker for the school.  Please encourage friends and family members to participate also.

No doubt the children have told you that they can wear free dress on their birthday this year. If their birthday falls on a Friday (normal free dress day) they can wear it on the following Monday. They seem to prefer this to getting a pencil.

We like to pass on information if our students are doing something for the community and to that end we would like to wish 1st Graders Aaron and Griffin much success with their walk in aid of Pancreatic Cancer Research on October 30th.

We also like to keep you informed of community involvement by our teachers. Recently our teachers donated scarves to Operation Gratitude and we received a wonderful thank you letter from them earlier this month.

The year continues to go well and your children are working hard, having fun and making us proud!

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